At Koyeb, we’re a 9-people distributed company with a remote-first setup and a few office locations. We hire in Europe and North America to gather the best talents to build the fastest way to deploy applications globally. Most positions can be held from any of these locations, some might require to be located in specific countries due to travel restrictions or timezone challenges.

Compensations and contracts in an international setup are a tricky subject as the taxation, regulation, and cost of living differ a lot in all countries of Europe and North America. We wrote a short explanation of how we built our compensation system: our goal is to provide attractive compensation to gather smart, passionate, people with an easy-to-read compensation system.

We believe in transparency and think that being transparent on compensation is part of a healthy culture. As such, our compensation system is open: internally, for candidates, and for the world.

<aside> 💡 We’re early in this journey and might evolve in our thinking, don’t see this as a vision frozen in time, this will change as we learn.


Starting of the total cost

We built our compensation system with the total cost for Koyeb as a starting point. This means that independent of where you’re located, working for Koyeb should cost the same amount of money to the company.

This sounds like it:

The baseline: attractive gross salaries for Paris, France🗼

Basically, the total cost has been calculated using attractive gross salaries for Paris.

We were lucky to start our journey in Paris, France, a beautiful city with a good quality of living. Outside of the beautiful views, Paris is also an expensive city for continental Europe and tech gross salaries.

Here is the expected outcome: